Friday, January 10, 2014

Life Rules, 2014

Since I have made it one of my goals in my 29th year (which, my mom insists, is actually my 30th year) to update my blog more often, here is January's post.

 So far in 2014, I have made a list of things to accomplish in 2014, instead of making resolutions. And now, in light of my impending 30th birthday ("impending" means 15 months away), I am creating my "rules to live by when you're almost 30".

 1) Money is not everything. It can certainly buy things that can make you happy, but often the unhappiness you feel in most of your waking hours for the soul-less work you do for that money can make you just as unhappy.

 2) If you are still single, that means no one (and I mean NO ONE) that you dated in your 20's deserves to make it to another one of your decades. Do not bring them back from the relationship grave. Regression is a waste of precious years.

 3) Your family is important. And fun, it turns out. May take some of us longer to determine this, but they're probably the easiest people for you to relate to, the only ones who will always care what's going on, and they're stuck with you. Treat them right, keep in touch, and don't skip family events because they're boring. You work a boring 40 hr a week job, but you still go, because it has monetary reward. Family has a reward too- love and loyalty.

 4) If someone says they "hate drama", it means they make drama. I have found this to be a 100%, always true, proven-through-science law. Avoid them.

 5) Your mother was, and is, usually right. Remember, she has been through this life thing before. When MY mother was my age, she had two kids and a marriage about to be on the rocks. She is qualified to dispense life judgements. From thinking your high school boyfriend was absolutely wrong, to reminding you that a bad job is not the end of the world, she's right. Even if you think she isn't.

 6) Stop eating garbage all the time. If you're my age, the surprise! You've probably noticed that losing weight is near impossible, but gaining weight just takes one week of skipping the gym with 3 nights of dining out. It doesn't get better- studies show that women over 40 have to exercise, on average, an hour per day just to maintain their current weight. That doesn't even begin to touch on the health issues. That said...

 7) Do not deny yourself ice cream. Ever.

 8) Weather appropriate clothing is a life essential. Remember those idiots in college that you used to see walking to the bar in 10 degree weather, wearing platforms and a mini skirt? Were you ever one of those idiots (hands up)? It goes both ways. I just spent 4+ months in Florida. You don't need riding boots and a scarf when it's 75. Stop being dumb and put your flip flops on.

 9) Embrace your weirdness. I will tell you, I have been so much happier since I decided to let my freak flag fly, so to speak. I always wanted a pixie cut - oh, wait, men prefer women with long hair? Screw 'em. I love Star Wars, board games, and sewing. I swear I would rather sew a quilt than go to the mall with unlimited funds. I watch backyard improvement shows and geek out. I wear tshirts every single day because I like them and like how I look in them. Repeat: I do not care if you think I am weird, because I know I am awesome. Now, where did I put that Harry Potter book?

 10) Grudges are a waste of your energy. You are not hurting the person you are mad at as much as you are hurting yourself. The energy wasted trying to remember why you are really, really mad at someone can be spent in any number of better ways. Let it go. I am not one of those "forgive and forget" types, but being the bigger person always makes you feel better.